Blox Open House 2012 Part I

Over this past weekend Blox Racing held their 3rd annual open house and car show. Held at their facility in Fremont CA, its probably one of largest event of its kinda around the Bay Area, and each year it seems grow. Despite being hungover from my birthday the night before, I still managed to make it relatively early. It was packed when I got there, and I knew there were way more people than last year.

It was open registration, so the mix of cars was mostly Honda. Some good, some not as great, but still managed to find a few nice gems.
Some pretty cool old school datsuns, and saw a few Ef’s and CRX’s that tickled my fancy also. Guess Honda’s are still somewhat popular platform to play with.

A little rant on today’s “tuning scene”,for awhile, it’s seems I’m losing touch with it. Seeing a lot of kids half ass their cars, and just throw crappy parts on their cars is just one thing. The “Hellaflush” thing is another, I mean SOME of them look pretty good, but most of them are something else. With the EXTREMES of wheel camber, tire stretching, and ride height, do you really feel safe driving like that? Not exactly sure when cracked oil pans, and fubar’d fenders became popular. End result crappy looking cars. Could it be they are trying too hard to be unique and different? Maybe they aren’t trying hard enough? But hey… those are just my opinions, and I am entitled to them.

Also, if you go to a car show, you gotta expect to talk to people. You are displaying your car and people are gonna ask questions, no need to be a dick. I should of walked away when I went to shake your hand and you just looked at me dumbfounded. Oh well , not worth my time.. zero F’s given. /end rant

After it was all and done, I had a good time overall. Got to meet some cool people, reminisced with old friends. Oh yea Thanks to all the cool people at Inspire USA, they let me hide from the sun and drink their coke. 🙂 Thanks to Blox for putting this on, and free to the people!

HigginsBuilt EF!

Darkside Racing LSx powered Fox Body Mustang

Evelyn lin…. keke

Genevieve Chanelle rocking a shooter, she just got more brownie points from me.

Badass Turbocharged Honda Ruckus!

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