Bob’s Donut/CityTech Laguna Seca Track Day 7.8.2012

Got to tag along with the friends to another track day, this time it was at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. It is still is one of my favorite tracks in America, and it’s right here in California.

Track days always seem to attract an array of different cars. One that stood out was the new Scion FRS, and the owner already started to modify it. Its the 4cyl Naturally Aspirated Boxer Motor in the FRS is what really gets to me. I still think it should have an Inline NA 4cyl to pay homage to its AE86 heritage. The FRS is still growing on me, but I definitely see potential. Can’t wait to see what the future has for the FRS with more manufactures making aftermarket parts for it.

Toyota/Scion FRS, really like how the SSR’s look on the FRS

Another notable car was a BMW X5M, an SUV!!! I have this misconception that sport utility vehicles are slow and don’t handle well, and I was proven wrong. It was tearing up Laguna Seca and passing cars left and right. Guess that twin turbocharged v8 helps in the power department, and boy did it sound good. BMW.. Ultimate Driving Machines? Guess so.

After lapping Laguna Seca at least a thousand times in various video game simulations over the past decade, I realize the games can’t replicate the the tracks 100% accurate. For example the famous corkscrew turn, looking from in the car as you go down, it really looks and feels like you are dropping of 6 story building. In the games the elevation changes don’t seem as drastic.

Had a lot of fun, got a few rides with friends to see a first person perspective of the track. Even with a few sketchy exciting moments (imagine going sideways in turn 9 , then a dukes of hazard jump into the sand) and I thought it was hilarious.

BlackTrax Performance S2000

Mike Shum’s NSX

AE86 and EK battle

Until the next time…

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