Ferrari Racing Days at Infineon Raceway 4.29.2012

Some of the best sounding cars in the world, hands down, are made by Ferrari. There was no short supply of them when Ferrari held its Ferrari Racing Days, and 458 Challenge at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma California. The sun was out shining, and the sound of Ferrari’s in the air, talk about the cliche California Life.

There were a lot of awesome cars F430’s, Testarossa’s, F360’s,550 Maranello, and lots of 458 Italias just to name a few. Got to check out some of the 458 Challenge cars in person, they were pretty cool, like real expensive big kid toys.. real expensive. They even brought out some 599xx/599xx Evo’s which are very rare, and were quite the treat to see in action. That’s until they took Ruben Barrichellos 2003 F1 car out.

This is one of the cars from the V10 era. Now I’ve only experienced F1 from TV, and it does not represent it well compared to in person. Let me tell you the sound of the v10 at 19,000rpm screaming down the front straight was damn awesome. I can only explain it with one word “Eargasam”. I felt privileged to see it in person,scratch one off my bucket list. I can only imagine what its like when they had a full field on track..

Seeing a v10 era F1 car in action was the highlight of my day. Made everything else I saw that day look like child’s play…

Just some random pics throughout the day..

Rubens Barrichello’s 2003 F1 Car

599XX Evolution

F430 Scuderia

550 Maranello

Part 2.. coming soon! oh yea don’t mind the pic of the NSX. As a Honda guy , I felt obligated. It was kinda funny, an NSX in a see of Ferrari’s.

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