BlackTrax Test & Tune #4 3.3.2012

I tagged along with my friends to another track day with BlackTrax Performance at Thunderhill Raceway. First impressions of Thunderhill is that its a fast 15 turn track, with some nice elevation changes. Although it was mostly S2000’s , there was a nice mix of Honda’s and BMW’s.

I love just walking around the pits and checking out everyone’s “racecars”. Track people seem very approachable and answer all my stupid questions. Always good to talk to people and learn things about different types of cars. I still want to try out the track for myself. Looks so fun… Now i just need to change my setup completely and get a trailer. Or maybe just get a Honda 2000.

Thanks to BlackTrax for putting on such cool events, and thanks to my friends again for the ride alongs. I am on my way to being a Professional Passenger.


Alex and “Irene”

Blue with the Hadouken’s from his s2000

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