WEKFEST SF 2012 Part:I

Its been awhile since I’ve done this, but its one of the annual shows I usually attend. It seems like just yesterday when it was just a small show in a Japantown parking garage. Wekfest now, as one of my friends calls it :”The Mecca of All Car Shows”, and I am going to agree. The sheer number of people waiting to get into the show still amazes me. People even camped out in front to be first ones in, and Fort Mason is right next to the Bay(think really cold and night). Crazy or dedicated I’m not quite sure..

As usual the caliber of cars was excellent, some pretty crazy builds. A nice mix of tuning styling represented, but I still like my Honda’s, and the older pre-90’s cars.

Trends seem to still be headed in the “Hellaflush” direction, Good or bad, I’m still on the wall about it. Maybe its my reluctance to change, guess I’m still stuck in old ways. “If it doesn’t make it faster, brake harder, or handle better, I don’t need it.” Thats used to be my motto… looking good was just a byproduct. The racing aspect of cars will always be number one for me.

Wekfest to me will always be a place/time to see old friends, and make new ones. I think Wekfest will just keep getting bigger and better.. I can’t wait for next year already.

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