Speed Ventures Buttonwillow Raceway 10.23.2011

Despite going to many tracks to spectate and take pictures, I have never been on the track as driver or passenger. Many of my friends are “track whores” and they have been encouraging me to buy a helmet so they can show me what I have been missing out on. So when this track day came around, I was ready with my helmet in hand.

My friend Blue offered me a ride in his Honda S2000, and I jumped at the chance. Sitting on the grid, I look around and see we are surrounded by Porsche 911’s, Time-attack prepped EVO’s, and well… Race Cars. I thought I was going to be nervous , but I was more excited than anything. I must say it was everything I thought it was going to be. I imagined it being like a video game, except with G-Force. One thing that stood out was the power difference and grip in the EVO’s, on the main straights they take off like jets compared to the S2000. Even though Blue said his car was slow because of his new setup, I thought it was damn fast for my standards. By the way I will never mock the S2000’s with the big GT wings again, for the most part they actually work! (if you drive the car to that limit) In the end, it was quite an experience.. Thanks Blue!

My pics aren’t the best, I has pretty hungover most of the day, but here are a few decent ones.

Prez and his 330 zhp

Blue and his Honda 2000

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