BlackTrax Buttonwillow Track Day 5.13.2011

I was headed down to socal for Eibach , and decided to stop off at Buttonwillow raceway where BlackTrax Performance was hosting a track day. Got there kinda late, but got to catch some of the last sessions of the day. The usual mix of S2000 were tearing up the track, and Eibach Springs was there testing out a few cars and setups.

Weather seemed pretty good, it was warm but it wasn’t that bad. Although what would racing be like without it being hot , or super cold. Like i said before i was there for the last session, so i didn’t get as many pics in as i wanted.

Every time I go to the track , it makes me want to get into racing. I want to build another car purposely for road racing, i mean i could use my EF, but alot of the parts on her are geared for Drag. Thinking about getting another EF/CRX, and build up another B-series and pair it up with a decent suspension setup. Sounds like it could be fun, plus i got a lot of spare EF/CRX parts laying around. Oh and i can’t forget a big wing, that is the prerequisite for road racing now isn’t it? hahaha

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