Eibach Meet 2011

Every year now, i try to make it down to Socal for the annual Eibach meet. The meet which brings together Honda fans from all around the country to Eibach Springs in Corona CA. For me and the rest of the Norcal guys to drive down is one thing, but some guys drive from across the country. It still amazes me how far some of the people travel, it takes some dedication. For that, I commend you guys that make that long journey!

So i wake up the morning of Eibach and look out my hotel window to see rain. Wait, it rains in socal? IMPOSSIBLE! As much as i didn’t want it to , this day was gonna start out soggy. Walked around managing to take a few shots while it was drizzling but showers started to move in and I had to take cover inside the building, but it gave me a chance to check out some of the vendors. N1 Concepts unveiled their S3200 a S2000 powered by Honda’s J32a, I can’t wait to see it in action this year! Ive always wondered what the S2000 platform would of been like with a V6, if the NSX and S2000 had a love child this would probably be something like it.

Got to meet new people and see old friends, that’s what I like about Eibach, kicking it with cool people that share the same love you do about cars. Also I can’t forget the amount of awesome Honda’s in attendance!

One more thing, Since the San Francisco Giants won the world series in 2010 I have never been heckled so much at a car event! It was awesome! I know we were in Dodger territory, that’s what made it great to see a lot of Bay Area guys rocking the Orange and Black! Ohh the stink eyes and anti Giant comments! I love socal though, so don’t hate on me too much!


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