Japan Relief Gathering Coverage!

Let me start by saying it was an honor and a privilege to be help be a part of the Japan Relief Gathering and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Jimmy Uy, Jessica Leong, Matthel Ma, and Mike Cruz. Major Props goes to them for all the logistics and organization they brought to the table. It all started with an idea to help with the relief effort, and a network of friends. We all put in a lot of time and work in the span of two weeks to make this happen, thats right.. this was put together in 2 weeks time from idea to action. Lots of roadblocks and setbacks were thrown in our way but we never lost sight of our goal, to raise money for the relief effort in japan. If we could help just one person there out of all of this.. it would be worth it.

Working the donation line, i got to see the generosity of random people. One example was this one lady in curiosity walked over to see what the crowd was about, and when we told her our cause, she reached into her purse and donated 20 dollars and walked away.

It was a long busy day for the staff, but it was worth it. I didn’t expect the amount of cars and spectators! From all makes and models , from Domestic to Euro, from four wheels to two, everyone showed up in force for the cause. I saw people I never thought I would see at a car show! I tried to take as many pics as i could, but like i said it was a hectic day for me so enjoy!

Again i would like to thank my fellow staff members for all the work and time they put in and for everyone that attented! I was stopped several times by people thanking us for what were doing! Proceeds from the Japan Relief Gathering will be going to the http://jcccnc.org/ . It doesn’t stop there though , so please donate! People still need help!

4 responses to “Japan Relief Gathering Coverage!

  1. Awesome! i wish i was there for the event! Thank you to you and the awesome people that put a lot of time and effort for a good cause. Awesome pictures too Robert.

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