9.11.2010 Formula D: Point of Impact

Got the opportunity to shoot Formula Drifts: Point of Impact at Infineon Raceway again so i took it an ran. Nothing like inhaling tire smoke and exhaust fumes as cars drift feet away from me. Im sure its not healthy but its pretty damn awesome. Sure I’m a humble honda boy at heart, but I’ve been a drift fan since the start of the US drift scene. I remember downloading drift videos off club4ag, way before youtube came out. Hell, over the past year, ive learned the insides and out of the SR20, but that’s another story in itself.

Its funny how some of my Honda idols have moved into the drift scene. Got to see Stephan Papadakis, and Ron Bergenholtz, I always like to mention some of there feats from back in the day, and it always seems to put smiles on their faces.

It was great, despite the Sun and the heat off the track. Nothing like pro’s drifting around you covering you in tire smoke. The car control is simply amazing.
BTW: Kendrick, i called JR takin the win in sonoma. on to the pics!

Special thanks goes out to Tunerplayground.com , and NOS Energy Drink

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