Nisei Showoff 2010

Nisei week is my favorite excuse to go to socal and bum around with the socal heads for few days. I’m quite jealous of the weather compared to the Bay, and until this weekend, i hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. Nisei was pretty cool, i really like the atmosphere, its smaller and more i guess you want to call it “intimate”, compared to the bigger shows like wek’fest. For me socal shows/meets are always a nice fresh breath of air, new people and new cars make for a great experience.

Really starting to like the old school Toyota’s and Datsun’s. Way Way before my time, so i don’t know too much about them, but i love the lines and body styles of that era. I can only wonder what the scene was like back then.

I think the turnout of cars was good, not too many of one make. You kinda have a small look into the different car scenes and their tuning “trends”.

Anyways time for MEGA POST. Enjoy.

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