7.27.2010 MotoGP RedBull US GranPrix at Laguna Seca

The sound of thousands motorcycle engines filled the air of Monterrey California again as they played host to the annual MotoGP RedBull US Gran Prix. This is becoming one of my more favorite events of the year, and whats not to like Great Food, Bikes , and girls. Laguna Seca is one of my favorite tracks in video games and in real life. I am damn lucky enough to be within driving distance with a world class race.

I am a fan of Dani Pedrosa and his Repsol Honda team. What can i say I’m just another Honda fan boy at heart. There are always so many Rosi fan boys, but i can’t blame them, Rosi is a Beast on his bike. Watching Rosi battle for a top 3 finish was amazing, seeing he was still recovering from injury at the same time is even a bigger feat. I could see why they call him “The Doctor”. Oh yea and on the subject of fan boys, the Ducati guys… err “Ducatistas” were in force. Fully decked out in Ducati gear from head to toe. I guess thats what you gotta do when you own a Duc, kinda reminds me of Ferrari guys.

Even though my boy Pedrosa took a spill and DNF, it was still an exciting race and weekend. Can’t wait for next year! and with that, how about some pics.

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