6.12.2010 BluJenn Shoot

We had some awesome weather here in the Bay Area this past weekend, 80’s and clear skies. My friend Jenn hit me up for a shoot for her and her boyfriend Blue. It felt like its been a long time since I’ve “shot” a car, had to shake off the rust, so fail on me.

When i first met Blue a few years ago he was driving a RHD EK9 Civic Type-R , but since then he has moved on to his s2000. Outfitted with ASM kit, J’s Racing wing, Enkie Rpf1’s and a whole bunch of go-fast suspension parts. I swear almost every weekend Blue is hitting up the track, or the local twistes, he is a whore! LOL

Jenn drives a E46 M3 SMG, i would list what she has, but im not all up to speed with the euro parts.. another fail on my part. Anyways Jenn’s just getting into track racing, and auto-x, and with Blues help i think she will be fine. Not easy to find a girl that has a modded car, and races it! So props to you Jenn.

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