5.6.2010 NCRC Buttonwillow Track Day

Went to Buttonwillow with some of my homies this past weekend to take some pics, and despite the 95+ temps, its was a blast. A good mix of cars were in attendance everything from alfa romeo’s to the infamous ZR-1 corvette. I think it was the first time i have seen the ZR-1 in a race environment, that thing has crazy power on the main straight. I think the most notable cars from sunday were this race spec Ferrari i think it was a 360, and this black Lotus Exige, both super awesome, and fast. Like i said in my tweet, it was an orgasm for the ears, and being i am a car nut, it was like heaven.

I kinda want to build a track car now, with all my spare parts maybe i should build another ef, or crx. Oh yea major thanks goes out to the s2ki guys who let us hide from the sun in their paddock, and you guys are beasts on the track!

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