5.16.2010 Eibach Meet

For the people that don’t know, “Eibach” is an acura/honda meet held at Eibach Springs in Corona Ca every year. Do i dare say its the biggest honda meet? Well i think it is.

Just got back to the bay a few hours ago and finished some pics. Damn what can i say, Eibach was great. Warm socal sun, and Honda’s as far as the eye could see. Like i said last year, its my “Honda Mecca”. I just think its crazy ( in a good way) that people build there cars for this event, and travel from across the country to attend! I want to say this years Eibach was bigger than last years, there were HELLA people, and we had to park pretty far away, but the long walk did us good, specially after 20 bucks worth of Kogi the night before.

Eibach has, and will always be THE meet to attend. See some nice cars, maybe meet an E-celeb, chat it up with a fellow Honda enthusiast, and just kickin it in the awesome weather. The level and quality of the builds was out of this world. Can’t wait for next year, maybe i will make it out there with the EF.. ALOT of work ahead of me if i do.

On to the pics.

2 responses to “5.16.2010 Eibach Meet

    • thanks nathan, i didn’t see them til the end, although i only know Robert Deluna.

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