Wek’Fest Ver 2.0


Wek’Fest presented by wek’sos industries!

I consider this the unofficial start to the car show/event season. I thought it was gonna be the normal japantown car show and what not, but i was surprised by a couple of thousand people ahead of me in line at 1pm. This was way out of the norm of what i am used to, the line started on Geary looped onto Webster, and then into Post where it finally went into the garage. After a nice 2.5 hour wait i finally got into the show, and it was packed down there. It was hard to move around , let alone take pics, sorry guys couldn’t get all of them but i tried. Also couldn’t really get any pics of the models cause of all the pervs.. that means you MULLET MAN.. you know who you are! Besides no Misa Campo, NO care..

The show brought norcals and socals best crews/whips together, always exciting to see what they come up with. Can’t wait for Eibach ! Enough rambling and onto the pics!

3 responses to “Wek’Fest Ver 2.0

  1. that’s what i’m talkin about, roberto! i knew that shooter would come in handy with all the low light cap. the pics turned out BA as usual mang. can’t wait to shoot eibach šŸ˜€

  2. Thank you for the two shots of my car bro. They come out really great and as soon as I saw them I had to right-click and save. You chose great angles and the color really pops. I appreciate it very much. Keep up the great work!

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