10.14.09 HellaFlush 3

Saturday Nov 14th Blacktrax Performance hosted the highly anticipated HellaFlush 3 meet. Cars from all makes were in attendance, the turnout was a lot more than I expected compared to the last HellaFlush meet. I suppose this is a sign of the latest and greatest trends in the tuning world. Some thought it was just a fad but I think its here to stay. I’m not gonna lie , something about it when a car has the right stance that can really set a car off. Warning !Some of the cars posted might not make the criteria of “HellaFlush” but I will let the pics do the talking._MG_2211


3 responses to “10.14.09 HellaFlush 3

  1. damn rob… makin me HELLA wished i came back to shoot this event with you. should’ve made it a tradition that we go shoot up hellaflush meets LOL. next yr, i’ll come back for it if they got it there again, or if not… come on down if they got it down here.

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