Formula D Sonoma Locked and Loaded 2009

Round 6 of Formula D “Locked and Loaded”, was held this past weekend at Infineon raceway. Formula D was also held in conjunction with the IRL series, it made things interesting to say the least. There was non stop action with drifting and open wheeled racing again. This was the second to last event until the final round, so drivers pulled out all the stops. After 2 days of battle, Stephan Verdier in the Cooper tires/Crawford Performance Subaru WRX STI reigned supreme. Ken Gushi and his Scion TC placed 2nd, Ryuji Miki in his RX7 placed 3rd respectively. Kinda weird to say it but my favorite car of the weekend was Tanner Foust’s Rockstar/AEM Scion TC converted to RWD. Powered by a Phase 9 TRD V8 nascar truck engine, converted to fuel injection. I was jockin it for awhile and asked a mechanic alot of the questions, the amount of engineering into it was mind boggling. Thanks for putting up with my car geekness whoever you are.

I got to meet my childhood “idols” and Import Drag Racing Pioneers Stephan Papadakis, and Ed Bergenholtz.   I have to say it was a good day. Major props to for hookin it up!


the rest of my pics, and more can be found at

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