8.17.09 Nisei Week Showoff Part 1

Word on the street was this years Nisei showoff was the last, so i took the opportunity to check it out for my first time. Ive always wanted to checked it out but always ran into scheduling issues. I got kinda burnt , and added a few more notches of dark to my skin tone, but it was soo worth it. It was a nice change of pace seeing the socal car show scene, and how they do things. The level of some of the cars down there is soo high, its crazy. I could find myself staring at some peoples cars, and everywhere I look I’d see small fine details. I must say i am quite inspired by this past weekends event, I feel like working on my hatch right now. Socal= thumbsup! Oh yea extra props to my friends in PlusONE for letting me roll with them, and new friends i met this weekend for your hospitality.

Part One of my pictures. Enjoy.

Part two tomorrow!!!

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