7.18.09 N1 Concepts RE-Grand Opening

Opps, forgot i took pics of this. Anyways Me and Jermz went down to hayward last weekend to N1 Concepts Re-Grand Opening. There was a good number of cars parked in the surrounding neighborhood, some nice, some not soo great. I wish I took more pics, but i guess the heat got the best of me, kinda got lazy and chilled inside N1’s showroom and garage most of the time. Their new location is really nice, only thing i don’t like about it , is that its kinda far away from me now. Guess I will save more money that way though.. Props to the N1 guys for hosting, it was good fun.

N1 Concepts, Inc.
2505 Amaral Court
Hayward, CA 94544

Phone: 1.510.487.8889
Fax: 1.510.487.8882
Email: sales@n1concepts.com

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