July 4-5th 2009 MotoGP @ Laguna Seca

Went to MotoGP @ Laguna Seca this past weekend. It was awesome.. The sound of the GP bikes make when they fly by is simply amazing. Words can’t describe how fun it was , definitely I will be there next time they come. I like it so much , now i wanna get a bike.. The whole Monterey area was taken over by bikes, although i was told that it wasn’t as packed with bikes as previous years, could of fooled me though, Ive never seen soo many bikes in my life.
Ive actually been watching this years MotoGP season, so it was quite exciting watching some the famous riders Rossi, Hayden,Lorezno,etc, and the different lines they take. I did learn ,next time i need a 2x teleconverter cause the 70-200 was lacking in zoom.

Oh yea it was my first trip to Laguna Seca, it was different looking from the video games, but very familiar at the same time. There were some elevation differences in certain parts of the track, especially the corkscrew its alot steeper in grade in person. I hope GT5 has a perfect replica of the track. hahaha
Still kinda tired from hiking all over the track ( damn hills), but I can’t wait for the next one..

I’m not gonna post all my pics cause i took ALOT. So here are a FEW of my favorite from the weekend.

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